National Surrogacy Week is back!

After the amazing success of the first ever National Surrogacy Week, and the National Surrogacy Awards, we are back for our 2nd year.

There is still so much awareness that needs to be raised about surrogacy in the UK, and so many myths to dispel that a dedicated week is very much needed to help those who are looking into surrogacy.

Every day we will be sharing stories, resources, articles that will help inform the public and give hope that yes, surrogacy is very much an option in the UK.  In fact UK surrogacy is thriving!  With more surrogates signing up than ever before, surrogacy is only set to increase and continue to be an acceptable pathway to parenthood.

Alongside National Surrogacy Week, we have also launched our nomination process for the National Surrogacy Awards which celebrates the best practice of surrogacy professionals, the winners of which will be chosen by the public!

Please do nominate your Surrogacy Professional of the year HERE

We look forward to what National Surrogacy Week will bring this year!

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