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Surrogacy Mythbusting with Sarah Jones

Unfortunately, it seems true surrogacy just isn’t dramatic enough for your average TV plot line! But when friends, family and colleagues start believing what they’ve seen on the screen, that’s when the concerned questions start arising. In this podcast, SurrogacyUK trustee and 5-time surrogate, Sarah Jones, addresses the all-too-common questions our community members are posed. […]

Video: Known Egg Donation

SurrogacyUK trustee and surrogate, Rena Miras-Pye chats with other ladies within the organisation about Known Egg Donation (KED). They each share their experience with clinics, retrieval and their motivation behind wanting to donate their eggs.

Podcast: The Cost of Surrogacy and Adoption

Starting a family can be an expensive business. On Monday 26th July, as part of a podcast for BBC Radio Scotland, Kim & Eileen met Linder, a trustee with SurrogacyUK and surrogate who has helped three couples to have children. Follow the link below to hear about the hurdles you might face and how much […]

“Alan’s Story” – A gay IP’s perspective on surrogacy

I’m a gay, married, 40-year-old intended parent (IP) and I’m on a surrogacy journey that’s been both challenging and amazing. I’ve been in a team with my husband, Nic and our friend and surro, Emma since January 2020 and, after several miscarriages and loads of Covid-disruption, we’re still trying to conceive but really enjoying our […]

How to choose a fertility clinic

National Surrogacy Week takes place from the 2nd to the 8th August in the UK, and this year the theme is Surrogacy Choices. We wanted to bring a collection of blogs to you this week to highlight some of the fundamentals when choosing a clinic, a lawyer, or even the benefits of an organisation vs. […]

‘After a decade of miscarriage, surrogacy helped complete me’

Sara Gamzo-Letova, 43, a training and development manager, lives in Leeds with her husband Kobby, 47, an IT manager, and their three-year-old twin girls Liron and Maayan. “Walking out of the delivery room with my two tiny daughters in my arms in March 2018 was the proudest moment of my life. After years of pain […]

A surrogacy birth story

THE BETS Sarah: Im betting its going to be 8lbs 4ozs!! Nick: Based on intuition, experience, or something else?! Sarah: Dont feel too big and Georgina was 8lbs 2ozs and i think it might be a little bigger!! the fact i can still walk means its not going to be nearly 11lbs like alfie!!! Nick: I […]

Dear IPs – advice from UK surrogates

Dear IPs, Being an IP is hard and the wait to find a surrogate can prove to be the one of the hardest parts. Its not something that is taken lightly by surrogates, we know that the wait to meet the right surrogate can be long, and frustrating, and downright soul destroying.  I have heard […]

No Wait is in Vain

In celebration of National Surrogacy week we’ve been asked to share our experiences on what it’s like waiting to find a match with Surrogacy UK. Whilst we’re unsure if our experiences are typical, we’re certain they’ll bring some fresh hope. We may have waited a long & agonising 18 months before plucking up the courage […]

My Surrogacy Story

It was 15 years ago that I first suggested being a surrogate. Those around me were horrified – what was I thinking? How could I give my baby away? What if I wanted to keep the baby? Who were these awful people who would pay to have a baby? How could I sell my own […]

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