BTO Solicitors LLP is a full-service independent Scottish law firm with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Helensburgh.

They have a specialist Modern Families practice unit made up of specially trained lawyers who deal with all aspects of Fertility Law including Surrogacy, Donor Conception and becoming parents in non-nuclear family models. They are experts in helping people become families and have years of experience helping people at all stages of the Surrogacy process – from initial advice when you are just beginning the journey all the way through to securing your Parental Order for you.

This doesn’t just include the Parental Order process itself – we can give you advice about all of the important legal aspects involved with Surrogacy including your Employment Rights, Succession Planning and Fertility-Specific Wills.

The team also offer a Free Fertility Law Advice Service for those starting out in the early stages of their fertility journey. The service is open, free of charge, to anyone, and can be accessed by emailing your question to, with a response guaranteed within 7 days or less. You can find out more about the team at or by calling 0141 221 8012.

Navigating the parental order process in Scotland

BTO Solicitors LLP
One Edinburgh Quay

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