At CRGH we have been helping couples to create their families through surrogacy for a number of years. We have a specialist team with a wide range of expertise who are dedicated to helping you on your journey into parenthood. The following information outlines the pathway for you as Intended Parents (IPs)

IPs will be seen at the clinic by a fertility specialist to discuss the surrogacy treatment and arrangement. If both intended fathers wish to use their gametes (sperm) then we will perform a semen analysis and culture for both, at this appointment we will also discuss the use of donor eggs. At CRGH we have a very successful egg donor programme with no lengthy waiting lists and we have a donor egg bank on site so we are able to offer you either frozen eggs from our bank or to be matched with a fresh egg donor for your treatment.

Information will also be provided about the next steps including screening and investigations, documents that we require in order to proceed, implications counselling, where to go for further information and legal advice. At CRGH we have teamed up with some reputable family law specialists who will be able to provide advice and assist you on your journey.

At CRGH, we offer host surrogacy as a treatment option for male couples wishing to create their family. Host surrogacy is when embryos are created in vitro (IVF) and transferred into the uterus of the surrogate using the sperm of at least one IP, plus the gametes of an egg donor. This is often the preferred method for Intended Parents who have not yet found their surrogate. At CRGH, we will create embryos in vitro and freeze them until you have found your surrogate or until you are ready to start the transfer cycle. Frozen embryo transfer cycles for surrogacy can take place in a completely natural cycle or with the use of medication.

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