Is surrogacy the next step for me?

Making the decision to go down the surrogacy route is never an easy one.

For most intended parents it takes years to become emotionally ready to venture into the great unknown of the surrogacy world.

Before surrogacy is considered intended parents have usually exhausted every opportunity to carry themselves.

Although using surrogacy for non medical reasons is perfectly legal, it can be harder to find a surrogate who will work with intended parents who are able to carry themselves.

Before turning to surrogacy, intended parents should think about these questions:

Have you had investigations into your own fertility?

Some conditions may not necessarily stop you from carrying yourself and expert advice from a fertility clinic should be sought.

Have you seen a fertility doctor to confirm you are medically unable to carry a pregnancy yourself?

A fertility clinic may recommend you try IVF first yourself before pursuing surrogacy.

Is your egg quality or sperm quality is the reason for infertility?

If so, you should consider trying IVF yourself with donor sperm/eggs first.

Have you emotionally come to terms with being unable to carry yourself?

It can be difficult to decide 100% that your own fertility journey is finished.  Take time to grieve for your own lost journey.

Are you prepared to trust someone else to carry your child and be willing to compromise with her?

Its your baby but her body, and neither party should be in control, but should work together.

Are you financially ready to undertake surrogacy?

Surrogacy can cost £30k – £40k and is not funded by the NHS (although a few Scottish and Welsh cases have been funded).

I’m still not sure – where can I go for advice?

  • Your GP or family doctor
  • Your fertility consultant/clinic
  • Surrogacy organisation/agency