Family & Matrimonial

We understand that family matters require more than just negotiating skills and technical excellence. We never lose sight of the real issues that are important to you, and work closely with you to achieve swift, practical and, wherever possible, amicable solutions.

Andrew Spearman

Andrew is best known for his work in the Surrogacy law, having represented clients in the High Court on various matters and advancing case-law to become outcome focused for the best interests of the child, intended parents and surrogate alike. His experience has focused on difficulties with domicile, reasonable expenses and the issue of separated intended parents seeking a Parental Order.

Andrew frequently sits on professional panels to advocate for further reforms and is currently engaging with the Law Commission for England & Wales about their proposed changes. In addition, he advises domestic and international organisations, charities and government departments on surrogacy law in the UK to advance understanding and support in the sector. Although science has made considerable advances, Andrew is a leading expert in trying to ensure the law keeps pace.

Pinners Hall,
105-108 Old Broad Street,
London EC2N 1ER

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