Where to go for more information:-

Government Guidance

Official guidance on surrogacy for those looking at undertaking surrogacy in the UK.

Surrogacy UK

Not for profit organisation providing information, community and support to those looking at surrogacy in the UK.

“Through our organisation surrogates and intended parents can meet one another and form the friendships that can lead to dreams coming true.  We are here to help and support you through all the stages of your surrogacy journey.”

Brilliant Beginnings

Brilliant Beginnings is a non-profit UK surrogacy agency

“We create families through professionally-managed surrogacy in the UK and USA. Campaigning to raise awareness and to influence positive change is an integral part of what we do.”

Hope Surrogacy Support Services

A group of surrogates and parents who have come together through surrogacy

“We offer help and advice on how to navigate surrogacy within the UK.”

Surrogacy Basics



Is surrogacy the next step for me?