Special Recognition Award 2022


Jemma Black – SurrogacyUK

“Goes above and beyond any expectations when supporting surrogates on their surrogacy journey. She’s so experienced in surrogacy and many feel very welcomed into the world of surrogacy with open arms with Jemma.”

“Jemma has mentored/guided so many new surrogates and is so passionate about surrogacy. She educates, talks on the radio and TV appearances educating the public about surrogacy in the U.K. She’s an inspiration to the whole community.”

“Jemma eats, sleeps and breathes surrogacy. Not only has she helped 3 couples so far she also helps support/advise other surrogates and intended parents with her incredible knowledge making them feel at absolute ease. For the past 5 years she’s made such a difference in the community and definitely deserves recognition.”

Caroline Cayley Herts & Essex Fertility Centre

“Caroline runs the Egg Donation Scheme at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre and started doing Surrogacy under the management of Sarah Templeman over the last two years. Caroline has done a fantastic job at coordinating egg donation in conjunction with surrogacy, matching donors with recipients and making a significant contribution to the surrogacy industry. As part of Caroline’s CPD, she has attended training days hosted by Donor Conception Network to improve her knowledge and understanding of donor-conceived families. She is empathetic and passionate about her role to help people build families of their own through surrogacy.”

“Caroline is the Egg Donation Coordinator at the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, she is in charge of finding egg donors for couples undergoing surrogacy. Amazing at what she does, matches patients incredibly as best she can and changes peoples lives.”

“Caroline is first point of contact @ Herts and Essex- her calm professional manner and superb knowledge puts the IP’s, surrogates and donors completely at ease – she gives them all so much time so she knows they are armed with the information they need to make the best informed decisions about their care. Without Caroline the surrogacy programme would not be the same – she incredibly knows every single patient she cares for and all their sometimes complex partnerships- she us the go to person for all things surrogacy and builds such amazing rapport with them all – when patients come to the clinic the first person they want to meet is Caroline”

Vicky Sutton – SurrogacyUK

“Vicky has worked tirelessly for the community of Surrogacy UK. She is part of the events team and organises the events calendar for socials and conferences. Vicky has been a surrogate twice and is a great source of support for the surrogates in Surrogacy UK. She is also a membership advisor and helps teams along their surrogacy journey. She makes the effort to attend socials in person across the country with her family to represent the organisation. Vicky has been invaluable to myself and my husband over the last five years since we joined Surrogacy UK and we can’t thank her enough.”

“Vicky provides outstanding support and encouragement to all those she supports and I feel she deserves to be recognised for everything she has done for SUK, especially throughout the pandemic and for helping to facilitate online socials for members and applicants to continue to chat and build lasting friendships.”

“During the pandemic and over the last year Vicky has been instrumental in organisaing all the events for members of Surrogact UK. She has, with her small team of helpers, ensured that members have felt a part of a supportive community through both online and in-person events. Thanks Vicky!”

Rena Miras-Pye – SurrogacyUK

“Rena is a Trustee of Surrogacy UK and has been known to us for the last five years. She is an excellent representation of the values of Surrogacy UK. She is a great support worker for the other surrogates in the organisation and she is always there to listen and help. She has personal experience of being a surrogate and has been a good source of support for both myself and my husband during our membership of Surrogacy UK.”

“Rena first started talking when I asked on the page about donor eggs. I didnt know any thing about Altrui. So we were very grateful to her for sharing her knowledge and experiences with her own donation and outcome. We now have 6 healthy embryos on ice, these are made with donor eggs through altrui. Rena you have basically helped us shape our future children

 We had a long 14 months on the applicants list and although we made good use of the Facebook group to interact with the community and information. We obviously could not interact with the community on a messaging level and there were some things that we did not want in public. Rena was on hand for all questions we had and happy to help. She paid a huge part in our early journey and she helped organise how to support me with my medical needs to get to the conference 2022. For all her help we are eternally grateful. Super woman!”

Natalie Newman

“I think Natalie’s own story of becoming surrogate is very inspiring as she decided to help other families because of her own struggles in completing her family.She has managed to help one couple to become family and always very supportive to those who have lost their babies. This definitely needs lots of courage and kindness at the same time.Her act is purely artistic, admirable and very inspirational to other’s.Hence she definitely deserves special recognition award.”

“Natalie herself had difficulties to complete her own family. In spite of that she managed to complete her own family and then decided to help others who are struggling .She has managed to help one couple to become family and apart from that she is always very supportive to other’s who are dealing with grief of child loss. This is truly altruistic, very admirable and inspirational and definitely deserves special recognition.”

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