Surrogacy Week 2019

2019 Winners

Surrogacy Fertility Clinic of the Year 2019

WINNER – The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health CRGH

In 1990 CRGH opened its doors with one consultant, our Medical Director Mr Paul Serhal and three rooms! We now have over 100 staff, four locations, and are helping over 2,000 patients a year. It’s more than a number – every baby represents a dream, a struggle, moments of despair, and then joy. And each one is special to us, and always will be.

Seven months ago we celebrated the 10,000th member of the CRGH family – a baby girl born through surrogacy. Our surrogacy programme has grown year on year and we have an expert team who are dedicated to supporting intended parents and surrogates on their journeys.

The CRGH team are honoured to have been nominated and won the award for surrogacy fertility clinic of the year 2019 and would like to thank everyone who voted for us, all of the people that allowed us to be part of their surrogacy journey and to our dedicated staff members who go above and beyond to support our patients.

Surrogacy Fertility Professional of the Year 2019

WINNER – Francesca Steyn RGN

Francesca is currently the Head of Nursing at the CRGH which is a large unit providing a wide range of specialist fertility treatments and services.

She has a special interest in surrogacy and gamete donation and she helped to develop and grow the CRGH surrogacy service and heads up the programme at the clinic.

She is very keen on raising awareness of surrogacy in the UK and supporting Intended parents and surrogates on their journeys.

Francesca has worked with the law commission to provide advice on surrogacy treatments in the UK and has worked with the Department of Health to produce surrogacy best practice guidance for healthcare professionals. She also speaks at national events for the public and health care professionals to provide education and guidance on surrogacy programmes in the UK.

Surrogacy Maternity Professional of the Year 2019

WINNER – Jessica Smart

Jess has lots of experience as a midwife, both within the NHS and independently, and also works as a college tutor teaching Access to Healthcare.

She is a known egg donor and surrogate with Surrogacy UK, currently expecting her first surrobaby, after 3 years involved with Surrogacy UK.

She is passionate about supporting teams to be fully informed about their rights within pregnancy and birth, and about human rights around birth.

She offers advice to members of Surrogacy UK when required on maternity issues and will be speaking at this year’s Surrogacy UK conference.

Surrogacy Awareness Champion of the Year 2019

WINNER – Gina Kinson

I’m Gina married to Ian and we live in Kent with 3 children Ellie 22, Alex 18 and Samuel 13.

I realised I wanted to become a surrogate when a school friend published his book on surrogacy after having his children in the US.  He introduced me to an independent group and were I met my intended parents.   I’ve carried two little girls 2.5 years apart as a gestational surrogate for the same family.

Over the last 5 years I’ve spoken at several conferences, in schools and at various organised groups around the country. I’ve been involved in the discussions with the Law Commission regarding the up and coming new pathway and with the help of my fellow admin we have created a growing online support network including an information website, instagram profile and facebook support group all under the title Hope Surrogacy Support Service

My aim in the future is to continue give guidance, information and raise awareness in good practice within Independent Surrogacy.

Surrogacy Professional of the Year 2019 (other)

WINNER – Michael Johnson-Ellis

Michael Johnson-Ellis has been a UK Surrogacy and UK Fertility Treatment advocate since 2015, when he and his husband (Wes) embarked on their first journey with their daughter (Talulah) who was born in 2016, and their son due in mid-August.

Since having Talulah Michael set up TwoDads.U.K which essentially was a light hearted way to raise more awareness about surrogacy and same sex parenting on their facebook and instagram account, which has become widely recognised and followed by other intended parents and healthcare professionals.

Michael continues to work hard to raise awareness of UK surrogacy and UK fertility treatment by running Surrogacy Information Events for Intended Fathers alongside other reputable speakers who have supported these sell out sessions.

Michael is no stranger to the Law Commissioners too, and has been invited to be on their expert panel in September which is testament to his commitment, knowledge, network and passion for UK Surrogacy.  He works hard to de-stigmatise both same sex parenting and UK Surrogacy through his blogs and public speaking.  Michael now also writes regularly for Fertility Road Magazine and a number of other specialist parenting publications.

Michael has recently developed the services for TwoDads and now works with a number of fertility clinics supporting them and their patients, as well as other and fertility related organisations.