National Surrogacy Week

National Surrogacy Week has been set up by Surrogacy UK in collaboration with Brilliant Beginnings, independent surrogacy groups and and other surrogacy professionals.

National Surrogacy Week will run from 1st to 7th August 2018.

The aims of National Surrogacy Week are:-

  • To celebrate surrogacy in the UK.
  • To raise awareness of surrogacy in the UK.
  • To recognise the amazing work of surrogacy related professionals in the UK.

Surrogacy is still widely misunderstood and National Surrogacy Week will seek to dispel the myths of surrogacy by providing information and resources to those who need them.

We are also be seeking nominations for our first ever National Surrogacy Awards, where we will celebrate those demonstrating best practice in the area of surrogacy.

To find out more information about National Surrogacy Week feel free to look through the resources provided or email us.