National Surrogacy Week returns 1-7 August 2022

We never thought UK surrogacy was an option. It just seemed too difficult, that the laws were against us, and that there were just no surrogates. When we finally looked into it, we couldn’t believe how straightforward it was, and how we nearly discounted even having children because it seemed impossible. I’m so pleased we got the right information.”

Intended Parent, UK

National Surrogacy Week is a week long celebration of UK surrogacy, brought to you by the UK surrogacy community.

Since 2018 our aim has been to dispel the myths of surrogacy in the UK and bring together all the information and resources you need to decide if UK surrogacy is an option for you.

The theme for 2022 will be CHILDREN OF SURROGACY and we will be focusing on children born through UK surrogacy and their stories plus the children of surrogates will also have the chance for their voices to be heard.

Our blog will include stories, articles, help and guidance from a range of contributors – all of which we hope you will find useful.

We will also be taking the opportunity to celebrate the professionals who are passionate about UK surrogacy, and go over and above to ensure that intended parents and surrogates have a positive experience of UK surrogacy.

We are looking forward to welcoming back the National Surrogacy Awards for 2022 – more information coming soon!

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