Organisation, Agency or Group of the Year



“I went through a really rough surrogacy, Kim was there through it all and helped me come out the other side. The whole COTS team are so amazing, they’re helpful to all IP’s and their surrogates are really taken care of. Everything is thought out and they do their best and upmost to ensure that everyone has an amazingly positive journey. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone and I can’t think of any organisation more deserving than COTs.”

Happy Surrogacy

“They have supported me so much through my 2 journeys as a surrogate. The advice and experience is plentiful.”

My Surrogacy Journey

“My Surrogacy Journey have made the journey for Intended Parents accessible through information and support for the LGBTQ+ community following their own journey to become parents. They help with the complexity of law in Surrogacy and the many challenges Intended Parents face and have truly changed the landscape of Surrogacy today.”

“Wes and Mike have quite simply changed the surrogacy journey for couples in the UK. They have worked tirelessly to provide information and support for people considering surrogacy, whilst simultaneously working with the authorities to change regulation. Their passion for everything that they do shines through and they are fantastic to work with.”

“MSJ go above and beyond to support its members through the most difficult times of their lives. Wes in particular will drop everything to arrange a call, just to reassure us. The whole team are full of experience and the perfect team to have on your side when faced with the complexities of surrogacy.”

Brilliant Beginnings

“BB helped me complete my 1st surrogacy journey in February and I can’t thank them enough. They were with me every step of the way with all the love and support I needed. They answered all my questions, and were helpful from the start. Nothing was too much trouble, no pressure to progress and our match was perfect. My IPs have become our best friends and can’t imagine life without them. All thanks to BB.”

“Incredibly supportive agency who have supported me on my surrogacy journey”

“Probably the most established, highly regarded (by clients and the community alike) and committed to improving surrogacy, agency in the UK (and beyond).”


“For always putting its members first & providing a safe & supportive community for Surrogates & IPs. Well done SUK”

“Surrogacy UK have been an amazing source of support for us and our business over the last year. We have worked closely with them at events and they have provided so much information and education to boost awareness of surrogacy. They have worked closely with MP’s and the Law Commission to campaign for the change in the law. All the trustees and workers are so knowledgeable and are always there to offer a helping hand.”

“Surrogacy UK have been amazing throughout our membership. We have been members for 5 years as intended parents and they have been so supportive of our surrogacy journey. We couldn’t have asked for more and are so thankful for the day that we joined Surrogacy UK. They have helped us with any problems that we have experienced, we have a personal support worker and they have genuinely been there for us every step of the way. They truly understand the difficulties of infertility and have helped to change the law for parents of surrogate children. There is a community of like minded people and we have made so many close friends. Keep up the good work”

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