Outstanding Contribution to Surrogacy 2022


Jemma Black – SurrogacyUK

“Inspirational, so supportive, so empathetic to others on their journey. Has all the time in the world to listen, advise about surrogacy.”

“I’ve known Jemma for years and her life changed dramatically from when she became involved in the surrogacy world. No one could represent a better advocate for surrogacy support.”

“She’s so loyal to everything surrogacy related. So so supportive to others on their journey and definitely deserves so much recognition for her efforts. She’s a true star!”

Sarah Taylor Jones – SurrogacyUK

“Sarah has been a trustee of Surrogacy UK for 8 years and first joined Surrogacy UK in 2002. Since then she has been an integral part of the organisation. She had helped to organise events for the group. She has been a surrogate 5 times and has been a membership advisor and surrogate support worker. She has worked hard to drive the campaign for the change of surrogacy law. She specialises in providing support for surrogate families, surrogates and intended parents. She works very hard in creating awareness and education for surrogacy.”

“Sarah has been the main driving force behind a change in the law for surrogacy. Hopefully this year the law will finally be approved by the House of Commons and Lords. This will mean parental responsibility will lie with the Intended Parents from birth. The importance of this alteration cannot be underestimated. Not only that but she has been the chair and driving force behind Surrogacy UK. Thank you Sarah for all the amazing work you’ve done this year”

Jake and Hannah Graf

“Very public with their surrogacy journeys. Faced public bashing and still remained great advocates for surrogacy in the UK.”

Laura Clarke – Brilliant Beginnings

” Laura is an experienced surrogate and surrogate supporter. She goes above and beyond in her care of surrogates, using her own experiences and her expertise as a nurse.”

Lisa Lumm

“Lisa has ran a surrogacy group for years producing many happy families taking up her own free time to spread awareness and information on surrogacy on social media. Has a wealth of knowledge and nothing is ever to much hassle. It’s because of her TikTok’s that I found independent surrogacy groups and now have matched with an amazing lady to complete our family”

Michael Johnson-Ellis – My Surrogacy Journey

“Mike has contributed on so many levels to the improvement of surrogacy in the UK, that it’s almost immeasurable. His open and inclusive approach to educating the wider public about surrogacy has been life-changing for so many through his many targeted efforts. One example is his TwoDadsUK company and social media presence with a mission to help raise awareness of same-sex parenting to help normalise modern families through surrogacy, adoption and donor conception. His concerted efforts to change the surrogacy law in the UK, working with surrogacy lawyers and the law commission to push these changes through has been exemplary of what can be done when you put your goals into action. Mike’s commitment to changing the landscape for surrogacy in the UK is absolutely phenomenal.”

Wes Johnson-Ellis – My Surrogacy Journey

“Wes provides outstanding service to Intended Parents, helping and guiding them through what can be a very emotional and daunting journey. He is a role model in the ‘Surrogacy World’, speaking openly and candidly about his own journey to parenthood and encouraging others to take that step.”

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