Surrogacy Clinic of the Year


Care Manchester

“A clinic that really cares about surrogacy”

“They’ve been wonderful”

Herts & Essex Fertility Centre

“This clinic offers a very personalized surrogacy treatment. They are very caring, staff is knowledgeable are they are always there to answer every single query you might have no matter how ”big” or ”small” it is.”

“This clinic have helped and grandson and his husband have their first baby and my first great grandson. As a family, we cant thank them enough for bringing us this little gift. What a little treasure he is.”

“Outstanding clinic with unrivaled experience”

Hewitt Fertility

“A clinic dedicated to providing good customer service for surrogacy patients.”

London Women’s Clinic

“Great clinic, very experienced in surrogacy who have committed to doing more research on surrogacy to provide a better service”

Nurture Nottingham

“Provided great care during our long surrogacy journey. The fertility nurses especially provided such good service – always happy, positive and welcoming.”

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