How to choose a fertility clinic

National Surrogacy Week takes place from the 2nd to the 8th August in the UK, and this year the theme is Surrogacy Choices.

We wanted to bring a collection of blogs to you this week to highlight some of the fundamentals when choosing a clinic, a lawyer, or even the benefits of an organisation vs. the independent sector.

I approached one of the partner clinics to help us understand what to look for when choosing a clinic for surrogacy. Don’t panic; we’ve got first hand of this clinic with our own journey – so this isn’t written with massive bias from the clinic, however its an accurate article about what to look for.

As always an informative piece, written by Craig from CRGH in London

Written by Craig Paton, CRGH & Michael Johnson-Ellis from TwoDadsUK / My Surrogacy Journey

Michael Johnson-Ellis

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